Random Things

Meet Iggy! Iggy is our two year old Sun Conure. He isn’t your typical farm animal, but we aren’t your typical farm either – so it works. Iggy doesn’t have a clear speaking voice like larger parrots, but he has a pretty good vocabulary and knows how to use it. He’s incredibly affectionate and loves to be petted. He also loves peanuts, but has to watch his figure.

A Grackle


Emily & Peter take a lot of great photos of the plants and animals here on our property. I would love to say that I do the same, but my attempts have been less than stellar. The weather was too dreary yesterday for anything particularly fun with our farm creatures, but Emily sent me this photo she took of a Common Grackle. This is seriously one of my favorite birds and, I think, the perfect way to launch the “Nature” category here on the photo blog.