Random Things

Meet Iggy! Iggy is our two year old Sun Conure. He isn’t your typical farm animal, but we aren’t your typical farm either – so it works. Iggy doesn’t have a clear speaking voice like larger parrots, but he has a pretty good vocabulary and knows how to use it. He’s incredibly affectionate and loves to be petted. He also loves peanuts, but has to watch his figure.

After the break


We have baby bunnies! We took quite a bit of time off for the holidays. Or in a way, at least. We were all actually quite busy, but didn’t take any time to get back to the internet for updates or posts. We put up some fences, cleared brush, had a big fire in the woods on a nice moonlit night, cooked (and ate) a lot of food, and started decorating the house. In the meantime, Yvonne’s rabbits kindled and we are all trying to get in as much time cuddling the babies as possible. I know, I know.. Sometimes our chores are so hard.