Great day for a walk

Cats, Donkeys

And a little halter practice for the babies. Why is there always a cat in the background? (Everyone say ‘hi’ to Lucy.)



Jacinta in her new halter. We all decided that she should have that Christmas donkey look and red would do the trick. It was nice of her to pose next to the fire hydrant for this photo. On another note, I absolutely love her ears. She has the boldest primitive markings of any of our donkeys so far. I can’t wait to see how much they change or stay the same as she grows up.

Loreto and the Post


Loreto can be a perfect gentleman. He knows exactly what he is supposed to do and sometimes he actually does it. But he also is known for testing the boundaries, especially when he decides I am being unreasonable. A good example of this is asking him to stand tied quietly while the girls are out and roaming free for what he sees as absolutely no good reason. To be fair, he was only slightly annoyed at first. But when I got out the camera and started taking video – that was just too much.

Baby donkey milestones


Today was the first outing into the woods for our baby donkeys. The adults spent their time looking for yummy acorns and picking up what remains of green leaves. The babies mostly chewed on sticks and tried to look like they knew what they were doing.

Today also marks the occasion of the official herd reunion. Mothers and babies are out of their stalls and hanging out with their donkey buddies. It is great to be greeted by all of them at the gate at feeding time again. It is also good for the donklings to have the opportunity to practice some of their social skills before they move on to their own homes in a couple of months.

The Photo Shoot


Some time was spent yesterday getting good photos of some of our donkeys for registration papers. Many photos were taken, but most of them did not make the cut. These are a few from the cutting-room floor. (You can find the final photos on our donkey herd page here.)

Guadalupe wanted nothing to do with a photo session. She was much more interested in lunch and the young tree just outside the camera frame.

Fatima was pretty well-behaved, but not impressed with how long this whole thing was taking. She also decided to roll in a muddy puddle right before we started shooting and I only managed to brush most of the dirt out.

Little Pack Donkey


Loreto is a spit-fire. He’s all you would expect from a full-sized intact donkey jack, because he has no idea he is small. He is stubborn, feisty, testy, and sometimes downright mean. I love him. We have a lot in common. Most people only get to see his temperamental, hormonal side. (Again, we have a lot in common.) But when he is saddled up, he is wonderful. He stands beautifully and seems genuinely happy to work. I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time exploring with my little pack donkey this fall.