On why I can’t seem to blog

Random Things
It’s mostly their fault.

I have been trying for years to settle into a routine which would actually involve regularly updating the blog with informative tidbits and amusing anecdotes. No matter how strongly I resolve to begin (and continue) it always seems to fall apart even before I ever really get started. I’m just too busy actually gathering informative tidbits and living the amusing anecdotes to stop and write about it.

We upgraded the donkey barn a bit. I was going to blog about it. But I ended up hanging out with the donkeys instead.

How do people raise children and bake bread from scratch, can their own vegetables from their immaculate garden and raise hand-fed all organic beef cattle, treat individual chickens for bumblefoot with daily spa treatments and paint their pigs’ toenails, build their own log cabin with hand tools and knit winter hats for homeless veterans — all while maintaining a heavily trafficked blog and a YouTube channel with one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers?

I seriously need to know their secrets. In the meantime, I’m pretty proud of myself when I remember to feed our children before midnight on a given day. I’m a long, long way from adding ‘social media goddess’ to my resume.

Also their fault.

Honestly though, and despite all of my very valid protestations about being busy, the main reason why I never get much done on a regular basis with the blog is that I tend to worry too much about what I am going to say. There’s a very real blogger writer’s block phenomenon – particularly in this day and age of polished professionally published websites and monetized program generated content. I mean, here I am with a camera and a two hundred dollar smart phone with nothing more to talk about than how ridiculous donkeys look when they’re soaking wet or to brag post a bit when we get some little project done around here.

Soaking wet AND frozen – now there’s a blog post.

Maybe if I can step away from all of that for a little while and get back into the mindset of sharing about our daily lives with people who may actually enjoy that, I can keep this thing going for at least a little while.

But if I do disappear … It’s probably because I got caught up in the moment of watching the goats play with the family after a long, hard day of work and didn’t want to end an otherwise magical day sitting in front of a computer screen. Just sit tight. I will be back.

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