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I just can’t think of a better title for this post. That wouldn’t be because it is the best title – it’s just that I am too exhausted to come up with anything better on this balmy Sunday night.

Here is what we started with. Not so lovely.

We went to work putting together our stall kit right on schedule Saturday morning. Sort of. We still had to do our regular morning chores and we also had to move the old corral pen and stall mats. (I hate stall mats now, by the way.) Aaaand we had to actually carry the frames into the barn – which was enough work for a day.

Having the frame in place was enough motivation to keep going.

The next step was carrying and installing somewhere between two hundred and five thousand heavy 2×6 boards. (It was probably closer to two hundred, but I lost count early on.) We bought the wood kits to go along with the stall panels to make things easier on ourselves. That was a great plan. The great plan was foiled by the fact that the plastic-wrapped bundles of tongue and groove planks were trapped in a thunderstorm the night before and were, as a result, quite damp. In case you don’t know this, damp is very bad for tongue and groove installation.

Only a few million more boards to go.

All in all, the process went pretty smoothly and we are perfectly happy with our Tarter Sentinel Stall Kit. The finished product is robust and looks fantastic.

It’s a serious upgrade.

As a side note, I learned this Saturday that if you really, really hate someone you should assign them the task of trimming rubber stall mats with a dull utility knife. We are talking fifth level of hell kind of torture here.

It’s so clean.

If we were literally made of money, we would definitely buy a few more of these – and even endure the back-breaking labor of putting them together – just to have them for… Well, because they just look really nice. They would definitely be a whole lot of overkill for our tiny donkeys. Our whole herd would fit in one of these things with room to spare. Even our little paint horse didn’t need this much space, but it’s go big or go home around here, you know.

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